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Little Notes - early years music 0-4

  • Music for babies and toddlers
  • Classes in English
  • Flexible booking

Little Notes classes for babies, toddlers and pre-school children are bursting with live music. Led by a classically trained professional musician Francesca Clements, Little Notes will be instrumental in your child’s first steps. A magical blend of awesome instruments, groovy new songs and superb classics, Little Notes is a treasure trove of musical inspiration for your family. During 40 magical minutes each week, we will dance, sing, play, listen and explore. Our classes always start in a circle as we enjoy the topics and special pieces in our expansive curriculum, with opportunities to play instruments and move around. You will experience music from a whole host of different genres as well as spontaneous melodies. At Little Notes, our aim is to help you to love music right from the start.

  • Little Notes | Groepsles

    first lesson saturday 14th of september 2024, 10:00u-10:40u

    The indicated price is per lesson. When booking a full term, you will receive a discount of 2 Euro per lesson. Jaarcursus 37 lessen€ 16Inschrijven

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